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Levinson & Collins, Attorneys at Law

998 Old Country Road, Suite 4
Plainview, New York 11803
Phone: 516.433.6403
Fax: 516.433.6404
Email: RonaldLevinson@lclawyers.com


Levinson & Associates, maintains a general practice specializing in areas including:

            • Personal Injury
            • Medical and Dental Malpractice
            • Employment Law
            • Real Estate
            • Contracts
            • Products Liability
            • Insurance Coverage
            • Matrimonial Matters
            • Wills & Estate Planning

The firm's philosophy centers around the needs and concerns of the client. We aggressively pursue the prosecution and defense of our clients' matters, while maintaining a constant exchange of communication. This is the foundation of our practice.

Experienced lawyers and staff are available to handle numerous areas in and around the NY metropolitan/Long Island jurisdictions.


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